Russian Robinson Club
About Us
RRC is a non-profit Amateur Radio Club organized in 1993.


You welcome to submit an application to join our club by e-mail. After receiept we will contact you with requirements and issue you a lifetime membership number if requirements are met.
Current list of members is below.

Russian Robinson Fund is designed as a vehicle to support amateur radio expeditions

Foundation for hams-travelers "Russian Robinson" was created to assist in the organization of expeditions and activities of the programs and projects of the Club "Russian Robinson" , as well as other activities and initiatives to promote objectives and the Club, established by members on the basis of voluntary property contributions and pursuing social, charitable, cultural and other socially useful purposes, RRC is registered with all appropriate state regulatory authorities. 

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Address: 302028, Orel, and / I 70 - Schelkanovtsev Evgeny (RZ3EC
email: rrclub.hq*@* (remove stars!) 
Mobile phone: +7-910-3011062